At the SALEWA® headquarters in Bolzano, we operate a care and repair workshop.
*At this time we are unable to resole shoes at our U.S. headquarters.

With our Kids Growing System, we take care of extending the lifetime of your product.

The durability of products is a question of honour for us. It fills us with pride when mountaineers use Salewa products for as long as possible, ideally their entire lives.

We want to prolong the lifespan of each Salewa product for as long as possible, while ensuring the highest safety standards in mountain sports activities. If you have any questions about repairs, feel free to contact our Customer Care Team.


We want to prolong the lifespan of each SALEWA® product for as long as possible, while ensuring the highest safety standards in mountain sports activities. That being said, we operate our own care and repair workshop, where trained specialists bring faulty products or products requiring attention, back up to standard. 

*Please note at this time we are unable to resole shoes at our U.S. Headquarters.



The wear and tear of the soles in trekking and ski touring shoes is vast in mountain sports. With that being said, if you're looking to get your shoes resoled, it is even more important that expert resoling is carried out efficiently and professionally. Since 2014, we have been working with a local specialist that trains partners and provides them with the necessary spare soles and parts to fix shoes effectively and efficiently. The fixing of new soles can therefore be carried out flexibly and quickly thanks to short transport routes.



Our garments are part of our adventures and experiences. Taking care of them will help them perform better and last longer. Salewa wants to support this. We design our all products for them to be used for as long as possible. This then reduces their impact and contributes to a more sustainable approach.

An important aspect of how to best take care of your clothes/products also includes your choice of detergents , washing machine maintenance and how you wash and dry your gear.

Laundry has an important impact on the environment in terms of energy consumption and the chemicals used in detergents, which are ultimately released into waste water.

How to take care of your garments

General advice for all types of products:

Always read the care instructions on the label.
- Fill your washing machine to capacity to use less energy. Moreover, this means the fabrics protect each other during the spin cycle.
- Empty all pockets, close all zippers and Velcro straps, loosen any drawcords.
- Treat stains and heavy dirt first (use neutral laundry soap, there’s no need to use bleach or chemicals).
- Wash similar colours/products together. There is no need to use colour catchers.
- Use only the required amount of detergent. Avoid using more than you need to.
- Wash at lower temperatures whenever possible – it’s better both for your clothes and energy consumption.
- Make sure all detergent is rinsed out and that there is no residue left on your garments.
- Air drying is best. Tumble dryers are generally not great for the majority of fabrics.
- Dry your clothes inside out to prevent the colour fading if exposed to direct sunlight. In general, it’s better for fabrics to dry in the shade.
- How clean is your washing machine? Clean it to remove detergent residues and clean the filters etc.
- Use guppy bags for synthetic or high synthetic content garments to trap microplastics and avoid release into waste water.
- And remember, it’s best not to dry things over a fire or heater. Fabrics can melt or burn even at a considerable distance.




The most important step in reducing environmental impact is to leave the old ‘take, make and dispose thinking’ and move towards a circular business model. This means, for example, extending the life of our products, focussing on long-lasting design, using natural, renewable materials, and upcycling and recycling as often as possible.

In addition, we’re introducing further circular initiatives in our sustainable business strategy. As part of the drive to go circular, we’re starting three new programmes at our Salewa Store Bozen/Bolzano:

Repair Service
Salewa apparel, equipment and footwear is built to last. Our expert repair service uses original parts and materials to keep your gear going even longer.

Second Life
Our Second Life programme offers used, reconditioned and repaired high-quality Salewa clothing, footwear and equipment – refurbished in the Dolomites.

Rental Service
We want to make it possible for you to rent the products you might need for your next adventure.